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October 04, 2010

No changes have been implemented, the .htaccess file has been inserted in the package

August 16, 2010

How to upgrade from EasyGiant 0.3.3:

  1. replace the Library folder of EasyGiant_0.3.3 with the Library folder of EasyGiant_0.4.0
  2. Replace the Config folder of EasyGiant_0.3.3 with the Config folder of EasyGiant_0.4.0 (remember to make a backup of the old Config folder). The old Config.php file has been split into several small files and some new constants have been added
  3. Replace the index.php folder of EasyGiant_0.3.3 with the index.php folder of EasyGiant_0.4.0 (remember to make a backup of the old index.php file)
  4. Create the folder Include inside the directory Application


- changed function sanitizeAll in functions.php

- Helper_List: added the possibility to use input images in place of submit buttons

- Helper_List: added the possibility to set the title of the submits (buttons or images)

- Helper_List: the moveup button of the first record is no more visible. The movedown button of the last record is no more visible too.

- Autoload: static class in place of global variable to store all the php files that have to be loaded at the beginning of the EasyGiant execution

- Added the Route class in Route.php file

- Added the Application/Include folder.

- Added the Reporting.php file

- Added the Restricted.php file

- Changed the index.php file

- Added the possibility to map the urls inside Route.php

- Improved the Helper_Menu class: added the possibility to change the text and the title of the top menu and to add voices.

- Added the possibility to change the class of the forms created by the Form_Form class

- Improved checks in Call.php

- Helper_Pages::nextString and Helper_Pages::previousString are now public properties

- Helper_List -> added the possibility to apply a function upon the extracted fields

- Files_Upload::uploadFile -> function basename upon the name of the file that has to be uploaded

- Model: added the joinWhere property, that is the join part of the where clause of a query

- Added the possibility not to use the mod_rewrite Apache module

- Added the baseUrlSrc property of the Theme and Controller classes

- Improved the Files_Upload class

- Improved Email.php: added the possibility to use an own regular expression to check the e-mail addresses

- Added the  'domain' and 'secure' parameters in the setcookie function for the admin side

- Added the possibility to apply a function upon each label field of the popup menu

- Added the possibility to automatically set default values for the form entries

- Added the possibility to apply a function upon the value of each form entry (when extracted from the database)

- Added crop capability at Image_Gd_Thumbnail class

- Improved Model_Base, Model_Tree, Model_Map

- Added the checkMatch validate condition

- Added Theme::action, Theme::viewStatus, Theme::viewArgs

- Added the MAX_POST_LENGTH constant in Reporting.php

- If Params::nullQueryValue = false than no where clause is skipped

- Added Controller::controller, Theme::controller, Controller::currPage and Theme::currPage, deleted Controller::_controller and Theme::_controller

- Params::nullQueryValue has been set to false as default

- Model_Tree:setFields, Model_Map:setFields -> string '' as default value of the first argument

- Added Model_Base::on and Model_Base::from, deleted Model_Base::joinWhere

- Added Model_Base::select,from,on,using,where,groupBy,orderBy,limit

- Added MAX_REQUEST_URI_LENGTH constant in Reporting.php

- Added Controller::buildStatus()

- Added Model_Base::clear()

- Array_Validate::checkLength ->used mb_strlen and added the possibility to choose the charset

- Added DEFAULT_CHARSET constant in Config.php

- Added Params::mbStringLoaded

- Added file Strings/Functions.php: it contains EasyGiant mb string functions

- Added the possibility to choose the database connection charset

- Added Helper_Html

- Added Form_Form::setEntriesAll

- Added Model_Base::form

- Deleted Form_Form::setEntriesAll()

- Added Form_Form::setEntries(), Form_Entry::getWrapElements(), Form_Entry::wrap

- Added Model_Base::formStruct and Model_Base::setForm()

- Added Model_Base::getList(), Model_Base::toList(), Model_Base::listArray

- Added Model_Base::_popupWhere

- Added Request.php and Controller::request

- Added $whereClause argument in Model_Base::update() and Model_Base::del()

- Added the Model_Base::toList property

- Added Model_Tree::getMax(),getMin(),getSum(),getAvg() and  Model_Map::getMax(),getMin(),getSum(),getAvg()

- Added Model_Tree::has(), Model_Map::has()

- Added Db_Mysql::lastId(), Db_Mysqli::lastId(), Model_Base::lastId()

- Added Model_Base::query()

- Added Model_Base::getError(),getErrno()

April 06, 2010

New scaffold features:

1 - Added the possibility to manage date/time fields inside pop-up menus.

2 - Added the possibility to set a label for each pop-up menu

3 - Added the possibility to set the fields that have to be used in the select queries of the scaffold main action

New database features:

1 - Added methods Db_Mysql::getError, Db_Mysql::getErrno, Db_Mysqli::getError and Db_Mysqli::getErrno in order to get the last error string and error number from previous MySQL operation

2 - Added the possibility to decide not to write the table of a field in a select query. This is useful when you have to apply an aggregate function upon a field (for example year(field))


1 - Modified Model_Base::getNeighbours method.

2 - Drop the trim function inside the sanitizeHtml function


How to upgrade from EasyGiant 0.3.2:

Just replace the Library folder of EasyGiant_0.3.2 with the Library folder of EasyGiant_0.3.3.