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New EasyGiant website!

EasyGiant  0.3.2 is out together with a new website (still under construction): easygiant.org! The new website has been built by means of the EasyGiant framework and replaces the old one. I hope easygiant.org will be soon more interactive, especially in the case of the Reference Guide.

How indicated in the Contribute page there are some ways you can contribute, starting from the simple usage of the program in order to report discovered bugs (always present!) or to suggest ideas or improvements. You can subscribe to one of the two mailing lists already created (easygiant-users and easygian-developers) or use the EasyGiant Forum at sourceforge.net (in this case you have to create an account to sourceforge).

You can contribute by writing PHP or Javascript code too!  The last version of EasyGiant can be download from the SVN server at sourceforge (svn co https://easygiant.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/easygiant). You can find a brief list of the parts of EasyGiant that need improvements in the contribute page.

March 22, 2010