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Why should you use the EasyGiant Framework for your web development?

1 - Because it forces you to adopt the best programming practices in PHP (and in the web development in general). For example, EasyGiant makes use of the well known Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern that requires the separation of the logic (the Controller and the Model) from the pure HTML (or simple PHP) code (the View files).

2 - Because it supports scaffolding and it can be used to easily build the back-end side of a web-project. It has been written with the aim of reducing the lines of code necessary to manage the database tables by means of PHP.

3 - Because it provides a flexible and powerful PHP class useful to manage (restrict) the access to special areas of your website (allowing some admin or registered users to access those areas)

4 - Because it provides many useful features to help the programmer to manage queries of different types to the database. It makes easy the interaction with the database thanks to the methods of the Model classes. It can manage databases of different type.

5 - Because it allows the code of your web project to be saved in whatever location of your file system you desire, leaving only few files in the Document Root folder of your server. It allows the creation of subdomains too.

6 - Because it forces you to make smart URLs (the url-rewrite feature is mandatory)

7 - Because it is easy to configure and does not require you to use the command line.

8 - Because you want a framework that breaks the compatibility with the outdated PHP 4 and takes advantage of the powerful PHP 5 features

9 - Because EasyGiant provides a rich set of PHP classes useful to carry out different jobs (e-mail, captcha, thumbnails, etc)


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